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What started as a hobby on YouTube in 2008 quickly turned into something I became infatuated about. Makeup. Makeup gurus, inspired-by looks, you name it...but my favorite were themed series. Watching ordinary girls transform themselves into these magnificent masterpieces literally left me speechless. I, too, wanted to share my artwork, and I did. My nervous spouts of "uhms" and awkward pauses finally grew more confident and more well spoken with voices over I'd do while my first child slept in his nursery. I filled notebooks with tutorial ideas, or themed looks I wanted to film. I enjoyed posting my work online for the World to see, and there was such a great community then of makeup lovers.



I posted casually from 2009-2011, until I took a step that changed my entire life. My husband had just recently returned from Afghanistan to where we were stationed, Germany, and decided I should look for something to keep me occupied being 3 months postpartum. I decided to sift through possible local job openings and stumbled upon a makeup artist position. I hesitantly applied. The position was for a local boudoir photographer's in-house makeup artist; working 3 days a week with 5-6 jobs per week. To say the least, I found my passion just within my first real client! While working with this beautifully talented photographer, I became published as her makeup artist in three different Michael Enochs publications. (See below)

In 2012, my husband retired back to Indiana where our family waited for us to finish his tour, and to meet their first grandson and nephew. I started freelancing my makeup services for senior photos, proms, and weddings. In mid-2013, we found out we were expecting #2, so from 2014-2015 I booked mostly bridal trials, small weddings, and consultations.

The winter of 2015 was a hard time for me, I lost my mother. Nothing can ever prepare you for loss, and I struggled for a whole year trying to find my way back to myself again. I wanted to revive myself, so 
I went back to school in 2017 to become a licensed esthetician.  I loved learning everything about skincare. From the benefits of certain products, to treating clients with relaxing facials. 

Phoenix in Flight has had it's struggles. Rebirthing as the enviroment around us evolves. I have had to make some hard decisions and changes along the way. And I know there will be plenty more decisions to be made down the road.


I'm so thankful to be able to share this journey with all of you, and so grateful for all of the beautiful faces that I've had the privilege of making up, without the love, support and experience I wouldn't be where I am today. <3



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